Arrow weeks 1-9

1 week old: very alert and already flashed her first smile

2 weeks old: sleeping and eating well.  Had her two week check up weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces.  95% for height and 25% for weight.. tall and skinny!  Doc predicts she will be 5'11".

3 weeks old: sweet as can be and smiling here and there.

4 weeks old: still a great sleeper and nurser!

5 weeks old: went to first Jazz game and was the perfect babe!

6 weeks old: snoozin.

7 weeks old: making a funny face!  Smiling lots and responding to mommy's voice.

8 weeks old:  LOVES her sissy Quorra and flashin' smiles.  Had her 2 month check up and was 10 pounds 1 ounce and 23 3/4 inches.  Doc says she is VERY alert and smart... I KNOW!  She's 25% for weight and was average for height this time.. Doc predicts that will change and she'll stay tall!

9 weeks old: growing more and more beautiful by the day.  She wakes up typically just once to nurse at night and sleeps like a dream still.  (knock on wood!)

Arrow Faith

So ... it's been ages since I've blogged.  I miss it.  I had a baby... per the title - Arrow Faith.  I need to document her birth story somewhere so since Quorra's is saved somewhere in here too I figured I'd put it here.

Quick re-cap: I found out I was pregnant with Arrow on April 1st.. yep April fools day.. so of course Jared didn't believe me when I told him.  I was so excited and yet super nervous as well.  How was I going to juggle life with another baby while working and taking care of 3 kids and my home!?  We are managing.. ;)

Anyway - on with the birth story.....

Last preggo pic at 38 weeks and 3 days.

Sunday November 23rd 7:30(ish)pm I started to have some light contractions.  Not to painful just the kind that take your breath away.  I figured it was just like any other day since I've had contractions here and there for a week but nothing to send me to the hospital.  I was also only 39 weeks and didn't expect to be a week early.  We had spent the afternoon at my parents house and my mom told me to just keep an eye on contractions and time them out.  So around 8 or 9 we headed home.  I got the kids to bed then laid down to try and get some rest.  Jared fell asleep pretty quick but I was uncomfortable so I just laid in bed until 10:30pm timing contractions.  I decided I should probably let my doula know what was going on so she could be available if this was the real deal.  She let me know she had her phone on loud and to just keep her posted if I needed her.  So while Jared snored away (literally!), I timed contractions and by 11:30pm I was starting to have some pretty intense and painful contractions and decided I would need my doula to come help me labor.  She showed up about midnight and the midwife showed up around 12:30.  The midwife checked me and I was 100% effaced and at a 4.  We labored and chatted while trying different positions to help me be comfortable throughout the contractions.  We let Jared sleep since clearly it was going to be a long night.  Around 2:30am we started walking my stairs to keep things progressing.  The midwife checked me about 2:45am and I was almost to a 6 so we decided we better head to the hospital.  My hospital is a 30 minute drive so we didn't want to get too far along and not make it... (yikes)  So we got in the car and on the road by 3am and made it to the hospital at 3:30am where my mom met us.  I had called ahead to have them get a room ready for me and requested a nurse that was pro-natural labor.

We got right into our room and labored for 3 hours and 41 minutes when Arrow Faith Teter arrived.  She weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces and was 20 inches long.  She was/is perfect.  My heart doubled in size immediately.



Summer is almost over and I am so bummed. I love spending time in the sun and swimming my day away. The kids are of course SO excited to start a new school year.. they can't wait to be older and more grown up and start a new grade. It's unfortunate you can never fully explain to a kid how great it is to have no responsibility and to enjoy being young.

This summer has flown by. I got to go to California for a wedding and for a business trip with my hubby (and Quorra in tow of course).   Jared and I took Quorra to Disneyland for her first time when we were there and she LOVED it.  We spent lots of time at Seven Peaks and my sister in laws pool. Quorra and I made a new mama and baby friend so getting to know them has been fun! Quorra is talking LOTS and into everything all day.  She is obsessed beyond control with Toy Story.  She watches it at least once a day.  Quorra also tested out the nursery at church yesterday and did it like a champ. The nursery leaders loved having her and said she LOVED when they did singing time. When Jared went to get her he found her in a corner with a book (so not my child). That girl loves her books and loves friends.

 Kalel started 7th grade today and Anniston starts 2nd grade tomorrow. Feels like just yesterday I was taking her to her first day of Kindergarten! Time flies by when you have kids.

 Here's a little insta pic and vid for your viewing pleasure. More summer posts with pics to come!




Q at 15 Months

The Q is 15 months today.  She's growing and learning new things everyday.  She's a little ball of energy.  She's always on the go!  She's got a cheeser of a smile too.  She loves to eat apples whole nowadays.  None of the cutting the apple up for that girl.  She loves music even more than a few months ago if that's possible and loves to dance anytime she hears a good beat.  She talks up a storm - it's almost freaky since she's still so small.

Quorra loves to read still.  I went to get her out of bed one morning and came in to find her sitting in her crib with a book.  She had reached out the side of her bed and pulled a book off the shelf to read.

She loves to walk around the driveway and down the sidewalk and say "hi" to anyone and everyone.  She loves dogs.  She used to be a little scared of bigger "puppy's" but now she doesn't care the size she just wants to pat them.

Q has learned that we say prayer before meals and before bed and always reminds everyone by folding her arms and looking around.  After night time prayers she wants to walk around to everyone and give them hugs with a pat and kisses to everyone in the room.  She also has learned to "honk" noses and does that to everyone she sees including to herself.  We went to Seven Peaks a couple weeks ago and she decided to go around finding babies and honking their noses too.

Teeth: Top: four in front and two molars.  Bottom four in the front and working on one molar.

Words: apple, Hopey, mama, mommy, daddy, weezy, puppy, yeah, baby, see, hiii, thank you, dog, eyes, Anni, ow, owie, bubbles, happy day, omnom when she's hungry from something and recently learned to say her own name along with other babbles.

Signs: please, more, and thank you.


It's the weekend..

Oh how I long for weekends.  Mostly cause my man is home and I don't have to be alone chasing the curious Q around all alone.  That girl sure is active.  She doesn't stop moving from 7:30am to 8:30pm.  She's on the go go go.  Always something new to explore.  Let me just tell you I love that girl.  I love how she's so interested in "see"ing everything.  Her favorite thing to do is to point and say "see".  [If you find me on Vine you can watch videos on videos of Quorra being the cutest.]  I love that she's starting to talk.  You have no idea how much personality that girl has.  I look forward to her waking up in the morning cause she loves to snuggle and honk your nose.  This is how I found her this morning.  She was able to reach a book off the shelf next to her bed so she figured she would read.  I die.

This weekend the older kiddo's are at basketball camp and hanging out with Jared's dad.  So we will probably try and squeeze a date night tonight since hubs will be in LA for work all week... we are gonna miss that guy.  But since we have some alone time and the babe will nap in the morning we can work on our yard together.  Something I truly enjoy doing with my boo.  Hope you all have a fab weekend and get lots of sun!


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