Summer is almost over and I am so bummed. I love spending time in the sun and swimming my day away. The kids are of course SO excited to start a new school year.. they can't wait to be older and more grown up and start a new grade. It's unfortunate you can never fully explain to a kid how great it is to have no responsibility and to enjoy being young.

This summer has flown by. I got to go to California for a wedding and for a business trip with my hubby (and Quorra in tow of course).   Jared and I took Quorra to Disneyland for her first time when we were there and she LOVED it.  We spent lots of time at Seven Peaks and my sister in laws pool. Quorra and I made a new mama and baby friend so getting to know them has been fun! Quorra is talking LOTS and into everything all day.  She is obsessed beyond control with Toy Story.  She watches it at least once a day.  Quorra also tested out the nursery at church yesterday and did it like a champ. The nursery leaders loved having her and said she LOVED when they did singing time. When Jared went to get her he found her in a corner with a book (so not my child). That girl loves her books and loves friends.

 Kalel started 7th grade today and Anniston starts 2nd grade tomorrow. Feels like just yesterday I was taking her to her first day of Kindergarten! Time flies by when you have kids.

 Here's a little insta pic and vid for your viewing pleasure. More summer posts with pics to come!



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