Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a special day.  Partly because I have the best mom EVER and we always made a big deal out of Mother's Day.  But the other part because I am a momma to some of the best kids around.  Some of you may not know... or may wonder how I have a 12 and 7 year old... I made the decision to be a mom to two kiddos who were not my blood children.  It has been the most rewarding decision.  At times it may be VERY stressful and exhausting but at the end of the day they make me so happy and they deserve a mom and deserve to be loved unconditionally.  I truly love those kids as if they were my very own.  Their mom is not in their lives at all and it makes me sick thinking of not being involved in my kids lives.   (but she's the one missing out)

Then we were blessed with sweet Q who pulled all of us even closer.  Kalel and Anniston are such good siblings to Quorra and love her to pieces.  For example: Quorra learned to walk last week, on May 9th (Thursday) to be exact.  When the kids got home from school I couldn't wait to show them her new trick.  So as they walked in the door, I had Quorra just standing up and she walked straight to them.  Anni jumped around excited and Kalel practically cried.  They were so excited that baby sister was growing up.  I regret not having my video camera going cause it was adorable.

Jared and the kids spoiled me for Mother's Day.  We did a early Mother's Day brunch at Mimi's Cafe on Saturday (my favorite place for brunch...the muffins... drooool).  Then we went to Nordstrom Rack and I picked out some pant, heels, and a top.  Jared unfortunately woke up sick on Mother's Day but he was a good sport and went to the family BBQ anyway.  The kids gave me cards and Mother's Day presents they made at school.  It was a pretty great day spent with family.

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  1. You are awesome! I love hearing about your little family because it reminds me so much of my own. We took on a big task in choosing to be mom's for children we didn't give birth too, but it is so worth it! The stress is definitely there and as your little one gets older you will start to recognize some of the differences in your parenting style when it starts from the beginning instead of a few years into it. Good luck--don't forget that you are an amazing and wonderful mom and your children really are lucky to have you!